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Financial statements

Preparation of stand alone and consolidated financial statements in accordance with appropriate standards (IFRS, Polish and US GAAP)

A unique outsourcing service with regard to preparation of financial statement offered to companies with in-house resources. That service is offered independently from accounting services.

Preparation of financial statements, for most companies, is a once-a-year and time-consuming endeavour. Valuation and presentation's rules require specific knowledge; moreover the year-end process itself may cause disruption to a regular workflow and may take the focus off value-added day-to-day information needs.

We can take over the hassle of accounts preparation and assist you in dealing with auditors, minimising the costs and disruptions to your business, and thereby freeing up your team's time.

The service of outsourcing entails:

  • preparation of stand alone and consolidated financial statements under a chosen reporting system - IFRS, Polish and US GAAP
  • preparation of consolidation packages
  • assistance in the course of financial audit. 

Benefits for clients
Our practical, in-depth knowledge with regard to audit of financial statements allows:

  • acilitate process of year-end procedures and ensuring high quality accounts to minimize number of possible adjustment
  • assistance in communication with auditors
  • identification of risks areas
  • focus on core business by releasing internal resources.

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SAGITTA.CO Sp. z o.o. 
ul. Puławska 228/29 
02-670 Warsaw
Tel. +48 604 356 540
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A consulting firm, SAGITTA.CO Sp. z o.o. based in Warsaw, Poland is a limited liability company specialised in providing high quality services to support management process -  budgeting and controlling, bookkeeping & payroll, tax advisory reporting and market entry services. SAGITTA.CO was created to meet expectations of all Clients who are looking for comprehensive, flexible and just-in-time solutions. The founding partners are chartered accountants with extensive professional experience.

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