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BAC - budget assistance application

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Consulting & management support

Outsourcing of controlling function - budgeting and reporting, implementaiton of professional application for corporate budgeting and reporting - BAC

Widespread use of outsourcing services is driven by pressure to reduce costs while still maintaining high quality of the services. The goal of controlling is to assist company's executives in decision-making process by ensuring appropriate planning and executing of management information system at strategic, tactical and operational level. Usual controlling activities might involve budgeting, variance and profitability analysis, ratios, and investment appraisal. We can provide you with a practical support on how to design performance management system, prepare monthly reports and ad hoc analysis.

Outsourcing of controlling may be part of outsourced accounting services or may be seen as a separate service that is suitable for companies that do not have their own finance function.

Implementation of budgeting system called Budget Assistance Concept (BAC) is independent from other services. BAC is suitable for all companies wishing to simplify and make more efficient their budgeting and management reporting process. BAC is an intuitive and user-friendly system to create and reconcile business budget plans. Companies benefit from short implementation time, low acquisition and maintenance costs. Please see more details about budgeting application BAC.

Outsourcing of finance director and/or financial controller (more)

Consultant in implementation of accounting programs

To ensure smooth and effective implementation of finance programs we may be of assistance with regard to project management at planning, execution and post-implementation stage. We can help you to close a communication gap between finance and IT experts by providing among others:

  • Pre-implementation analysis and process planning from accounting point of view
  • preparation and mapping of the accounts
  • ensure the system settings align with Polish accounting rules and Group reporting rules
  • appropriate changes to the accounting policy for provisions of the new system.

Other consulting projects

  • internal control and obligatory procedures
  • temporary supervision of finance team and dealing with accounting technical issues
  • special review of accounts to identify possible savings or risks
  • due diligence, valuations, investments appraisals etc.

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SAGITTA.CO Sp. z o.o. 
ul. Puławska 228/29 
02-670 Warsaw
Tel. +48 604 356 540
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A consulting firm, SAGITTA.CO Sp. z o.o. based in Warsaw, Poland is a limited liability company specialised in providing high quality services to support management process -  budgeting and controlling, bookkeeping & payroll, tax advisory reporting and market entry services. SAGITTA.CO was created to meet expectations of all Clients who are looking for comprehensive, flexible and just-in-time solutions. The founding partners are chartered accountants with extensive professional experience.

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