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Outsourced accounting

A complete solution encompassing bookkeeping, financial and management reporting together with related advisory aimed at improve a competitive position of your organisation.

Managing a company in today’s challenging environment calls for desperate measures to improve effectiveness of applied process, with no exclusion to finance function. Therefore we propose a comprehensive solution ‘Business adviser’ where accounting is not seen as a goal, but rather as a starting point that helps to connect the dots to create a big picture and add value to the business.

Traditional accounting, while complying with reporting standards, is not sufficient to support decision-taking process. Therefore ‘Business adviser’ reflects our approach to develop working relationships to assist you in addressing critical challenges and indentifying high value opportunities. That approach is of mutual benefit to all parties, our customers and our company.

 ‘Business adviser’
Financial accounting + management reporting + advisory = partnership


 Outsourced accounting
Full scope of outsourcing may include:

  • financial advisory to support management decision process (CFO)
    • design of management information systems and key performance indicators (KPI)
    • align the accounting system with appropriate reporting principles and management needs
    • discuss reports, current matters, provide recommendations
  • preparation of accounts in line with appropriate accounting standards (IFRS, Local or US GAAP)
  • controlling  - management reports and analytical reviews (more at controlling)
  • standardised scope of accounting services:
    • bookkeeping services, with online viewing of the accounts and reports
    • tax compliance and tax filings, contacts with authorities and assistance during tax audits
    • preparation of reports to Central Statistical Office (GUS) and National Bank
    • payroll
  • for every new customer our accounting office will perform a review of records to identify saving opportunities and accounting risks.

Scope of services

The scope of cooperation with regard to outsourced accounting services can be flexibly accustomed to match your needs and expectations. In line with our motto, accounting and consulting to advance your business, our goal is to support growth and expansion on local and international markets. To drive value, no matter what level of service should you choose, we offer periodic meetings to discuss current matters, financial results and give recommendation.

IT solutions
We use IT systems that are provided and operated by market leaders. Thanks to cutting edge technology, all sensitive data are protected to the highest standards, and solutions offered are reliable, scalable, secure and stable.

Possible benefits

  • focus on core activities
  • streamline finance processes
  • cutting cost of back office whilst ensuring top quality service by employing a specialised accounting office
  • flexible scope of the service that can be upgraded in line with the actual requirements
  • periodic meetings with clients to discuss reports, risks, opportunities and current matters
  • online access
  • reliable and secure IT solutions
  • up to date information about changes in legislations and their impact on business
  • communication in English, Russian and German.

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SAGITTA.CO Sp. z o.o. 
ul. Puławska 228/29 
02-670 Warsaw
Tel. +48 604 356 540
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A consulting firm, SAGITTA.CO Sp. z o.o. based in Warsaw, Poland is a limited liability company specialised in providing high quality services to support management process -  budgeting and controlling, bookkeeping & payroll, tax advisory reporting and market entry services. SAGITTA.CO was created to meet expectations of all Clients who are looking for comprehensive, flexible and just-in-time solutions. The founding partners are chartered accountants with extensive professional experience.

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