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BAC - budget assistance application

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To extend our managerial accounting service for a provision of a professional system to support management processes we have established cooperation with TC Concept Sp. z o.o. of Wrocław in implementing a budget application called Budget Assistance Concept (BAC).

Budget Assistance Concept (BAC) - is an intuitive and user-friendly system to create and reconcile business budget plans.

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If implemented efficiently, the budgeting process helps achieve the organisation's objectives and makes it easier for CEOs and senior and middle management to take the right decisions. BAC application has been created by managers who have long-standing experience in managing large Polish organisations. We have used this experience, above all, so that BAC helps achieve the entire organisation's objectives through budgeting work done by executives and middle management. With access to BAC, the CEO and business owner have full and synthetic information on the budget expenditure of each business unit and the company as a whole, as well as on the performance of managers responsible for individual business areas.

The BAC system perfectly overcomes the drawbacks of spreadsheets used for budget plan creation and management. 

Benefits of BAC System Use

✓   Reduction of the company's overheads through planning them in the BAC system and regularly analysing expenditure deviations from the plan

✓   Fair assessment of managers based on clearly defined budgeting targets

✓   Budgeting efficiency increased by 60% compared to the process using spreadsheets

✓   Short and quick implementation

✓   Low system implementation and operation costs

✓   Automation of many steps in the budgeting process, which translates into working time savings for operational management and persons responsible for budgeting

✓   Quick data reporting in any format from the BAC system's consistent database using MS Excel functionalities

✓   Low labour intensity of budget plan creation and management

✓   Low technical requirements: free MS SQL Express database, free Tomcat Apache web server, required server space 80-90MB, dual server processor

✓   Professional support for BAC consultants after system implementation


BAC System Functionalities

✓ Automatic data consolidation of all defined partial budgets 'up to' the level of the entire company's profit and loss account

✓ Insertion of partial plan data into the budgeting template defined for each manager individually without having to use spreadsheets

✓ Possibility of working remotely with the budget plan inside or outside the company's premises (access via a web browser)

✓ Automatic data migration from the company's other transaction systems to the BAC system

✓ Automatic reporting of actual budget expenditure

✓ Automatic reporting of the assessment of budget expenditure deviations for all partial and consolidated budgets

✓ Possibility of creating annual and long-term budget plans in multiple versions

✓ Possibility of defining any number of budget versions

✓ Creation of value- and quantity-based budgets

✓ Defining of account plans in multiple versions

✓ Import of account plans from external files

✓ Export of budget plans, budget expenditure and deviation analysis to MS Excel spreadsheets

✓ User management (granting of access rights for different levels of the application)

✓ Creation of cost centre plans in multiple versions

✓ Possibility of adding new cost centres and accounts throughout the budgeting year

✓ Creation of business evaluation ratios

✓ Creation of constants (exchange rates, seasonal indices, etc.)

✓ Creation of dimensions

✓ Automatic budget reconciliation

✓ Detailed analysis of transactions based on the expenditure of any budget or analytical account

✓ Scheduling of the budgeting process

✓ Possibility of accepting or rejecting budgets by the supervisor

✓ Automatic locking of the budget plan spreadsheet immediately after its acceptance by the supervisor

✓ Quick deviation report according to defined (lower and upper) thresholds - three budget plan completion indicators (red, yellow and green, depending on budget expenditure)

✓ Current reporting system (forecasting of the company's performance)

✓ Support of multiple companies

✓ Available in English and Polish


A description of BAC program's functionalities and implementations is available from

TC Concept Sp. z o.o.
Osobowicka 70 A
51 - 008 Wrocław

Please fiil in a short price inquiry form  to receive our proposal with price estimation and timeline for implementation of the BAC application in your company.

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